The New Wizard Oil Combination By Morgan Welty


Timeless music sung with soulful voices, contagious rhythms, “vocal instrumental” sounds and entertaining stage presence is never easy to find, but that’s what the New Wizard Oil Combination offers. This rare and entertaining 15-man a cappella group is well known around the Denver–Boulder area where it has been performing to enthusiastic audiences for over 40 years.

The “Wizards” have a unique vocal jazz and rock style that is many things—harmonious, powerful, funny and emotional—all wrapped up into an entertaining evening of music.Their spontaneous nature, entertaining personalities, and evolving musical style makes each performance different, which is why audiences never tire of them.

When the Wizards aren’t singing, they are providing a strong presence in their communities as teachers, engineers, businessmen and music directors. Two even sang in the famed Yale University “Whiffenpoofs”. If you are looking for a musically diverse, talented and entertaining group for your next party or event, you could do no better than to call on “The Wizards.” Got an event? Let the Wizards bring the songs!